Supporting dDM

The distributedDataMining project is NOT financially supported by universities, research institutes or private commercial organizations. Thus, we depend on private help to keep the distributedDataMining project and our research running. The various ways to help us are listed below.

  • The easiest way to support our research is to participate in our dDM project and to make your computational power available for our research purposes.
  • The dDM website is a member of the Amazon Associates Program. Thus, Amazon rewards dDM with 6% of any issued gift certificate and up to 10% of each sold store item. Please, let our dDM project benefit from your shopping by reading this notes and using the provided URL to visit Amazon.
  • To finance us directly, please consider a donation and use our PayPal donation form.

All incomes are used to pay the server rent, maintenance and internet traffic. The possible remain is used to finance our scientific publications and conference visits. Thank you in advance for all of your generous support!