Participating in dDM

When you participate in DistributedDataMining (dDM), your computer will automatically download work packages and necessary applications and start processing the downloaded data. All you need to do is initially installing the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) software. Please download the latest stable version and install it on your computer.

In addition, some of the dDM applications need Java 1.6. Please download and install Java as well. In case you get java error messages from dDM, you will need to set the path to your java binary manually. Special thanks goes to our member Sir Stooper for the description how he solved the problem on Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems.

  1. Follow the instructions listed in at
  2. Under 'System Variables' find the variable labeled 'Path'
  3. Scroll through the list - there will be many paths listed separated by a semicolon (;). If there is no reference to Java, you will need to add it.
  4. Locate where Java.exe is on your computer. Mine was 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin'
  5. Copy/paste the path to the end of the variable list. Make sure you add a semicolon in-between. I also added a backslash (\) to the end as the other paths also had it.
  6. Say OK and restart your computer. Hopefully that did the trick!

After installing BOINC and Java, please start the BOINC client and enter the following project URL when prompted:

Please report any problems related to distributedDataMining in our web forum. There, you'll find the official project announcements and you'll get support and help from competent and experienced dDM members. Please, respect our rules and posting guidlines.